An introduction…


Welcome to my very very new blog. I haven’t quite got the hang of how WordPress works, but I am quickly learning.

I am a classical music student studying in Auckland, New Zealand, with a passion for many other things, particularly photography. I wanted to start this blog as a way to share with you what I see in the world, and to also give little updates about my studies to people who care about that sort of thing. There might be the very occasional post about something that I found interesting or beautiful or worthy of your attention, but I think that mostly it will be photos, in the end!

I don’t own any particularly fancy camera gear, but occasionally the technology I do have will miraculously produce a nice enough image that I will be inclined to share it with the world. Hence this blog.



6 thoughts on “An introduction…

  1. Congrats on your blog, Martanius. Found you through the Great and Powerful OM. Looking forward to discovering more of your photography. Believe me, you’re right on the money with your comment on having the latest tech or camera. It really isn’t all that necessary. Your passion for what you do will dispel that myth …and quick!


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