A few recent photos

I’ve been having a lot of fun with my friend’s Canon EOS 1000D camera, which isn’t doing too badly considering it’s over five years old.

It certainly doesn’t produce the sharpest image there is, but, as I’ve said before (and I will say again), the camera does not make the photographer.

It is so fun to finally be able to play around with lenses and focus points and general DSLR tricks which have until now been pretty much out of my grasp, having only a Canon IXUS and my phone before now (an SLR too, but that’s expensive to use, and currently in another city).

There are plenty more that I’ve taken – I will be posting those too! 🙂 Comments and any ideas for improvement are welcome and needed.


– M




http://acellistandhiscamera.tumblr.com/image/111459931141 image I haven’t had very much practice at taking photos of people, and so I decided to snap my friends who were playing a duo. While I’m not 100% happy with this, it was one of the better shots. 🙂 CC (constructive criticism) is always welcomed!

Film photos 1

A few weeks ago, I decided that I would buy a roll of film, pull out my dad’s old Nikon and Pentax cameras, and get snapping! Since I can’t afford a DSLR for the moment, learning the mechanics of a manual and semi-automatic camera are the logical option. Besides, it’s like learning to drive manual before auto – once you know the mechanics, the digital/auto version should make more sense!

Most of the photos were very average, but here are some of my favourites.

A000298-R1-35-2 A000298-R1-16-21 - Version 2 A000298-R1-14-23 - Version 2 A000298-R1-11-26 A000298-R1-12-25 A000298-R1-02-35 - Version 2 A000298-R1-08-29 A000298-R1-10-27 A000298-R1-15-22 A000298-R1-21-16 - Version 2 A000298-R1-22-15 - Version 2 A000298-R1-27-10

I like how the film makes these look like they were taken 30 years ago and not just a few weeks! 🙂

Inspired by the photo challenge on Cee’s blog, here are the whiskers on a kitten.

This week’s challenge is part a series called “My Favourite Things – Verse One”. The verse is taken from the Sound of Music:

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, Bright copper kettles, and warm woollen mittens, Brown paper packages tied up with strings, These are a few of my favourite things.”




Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge 1

A little thought about what’s on the inside

A conversation earlier today brought up a thought which needed sharing.

The conversation arose as I observed a very well-loved fabric doll being repaired, for the umpteenth time. Over the years, this doll has changed appearance much like we do: new cloth, new hair, new mouth, and so on. If you compared it when it was first made to how it is now, you wouldn’t necessarily say that it was the same doll. Maybe someone had made two from the same pattern?

The only thing that makes it the same, really, is what is on the inside. The stuffing and the inner head layer (if you’re a handwork sort of person..). These have remained unchanged since the creation of the doll, and these are what makes the doll what it is.

The same sort of notion can be applied to other objects. My proverbial great-great-grandfather’s axe? It has had numerous new heads and new handles, but isn’t it still this century-old tool from my ancestors? Not physically, maybe, but its journey through time is what keeps its identity strong. The work it has been used for, the hands that have wielded it ~ this is the legacy of my great-great-grandfather’s axe. It is equivalent to the stuffing inside the doll.

Can the same thing be said about people? I reckon so.

The stuff on the outside can affect how the stuff on the inside is perceived, but essentially, the inside is what matters most in a lifetime. What’s inside is what makes you you, whatever you choose to call it, and you are unique and wonderful.

Have a lovely moment in time! 🙂